About us

"Landshaft" company was founded in 2006 as the first gardening organization in Armenia. During 16 years of activity, we have managed to work with more than 3000 clients, designing, watering, landscaping and lighting their gardens and being the biggest impetus for the development of gardening culture, taste and knowledge in Armenia. Today, the company "Landshaft" is the only one in this field that offers a complex approach to the construction of the garden, that is, everything possible for the garden under one roof. 

The concept of complex gardening services, founded by the company "Landshaft", includes: garden design, irrigation system design and installation, landscaping, design, construction and maintenance of ponds, waterfalls and fountains.

What is valuable is the simultaneous work of three specialists: a designer, an irrigation systems designer and a botanist on the same project, which leads to a perfect result.

Irrigation systems are designed taking into account the characteristics and irrigation requirements of the plants growing in the area. We bring the latest industry news to Armenia, educating both clients and individuals and organizations working in the industry.

We are the first to introduce and apply the practice of garden design in the Armenian reality. Today, our client can purchase a complete design package of the garden for 67,000 drams in an average of 7 days.

The construction of ponds, waterfalls and fountains is carried out using international technologies. We officially represent the largest German company "Heissner", the advantage of which ponds is simplicity of installation. They do not require manpower, they have a 20-year guarantee, they are significantly more affordable than analogs made of concrete, living organisms can live in them: fish, plants, etc.

 "Heissner" offers all necessary components: filters, pumps, water vacuum cleaners, aerators, water decorative elements and statues. Each product comes with detailed usage advice.

To get professional, high quality and clean water jets, we import fountain heads from "CASCAD" Italy.

Each product sold is selected and imported after a detailed study of the industry, which allows us to present the best products.

The leader in landscape gardening, proven quality over the years